Build Your Plan

A financial plan is more than an investment account. It’s your blueprint for achieving your goals while protecting you and your family. The components of a plan also address money management, tax, insurance, estate and retirement planning. A sound financial plan follows four simple, yet essential rules, helping you to avoid costly errors while navigating your way forward. Learn more in the sections that follow. 

Twenty-five, single and starting your career? A simple plan won’t take much time to complete. Fifty-five years old, five years from retirement, two divorces and five kids? A more complicated plan will likely be needed. 

Whether you want to start a financial plan or are seeking information on specific topics, ProsperiGuide can help. Get started today.

Take a snapshot of your current financial situation, using the Build Your Plan worksheets:

  • Financial Plan Checklist: Simple
  • Financial Plan Checklist: Detailed
  • Income, Expense and Saving Statement
  • Current and Future Expenses
  • Net Worth Statement  

My Action Plan

Sign up for a ProsperiGuide account, tell us what you are looking for by completing the Financial Roadmap survey and we’ll create an action plan, just for you.

  • My  Action Plan: Prioritize your action plan items and track your progress
  • My Worksheets:  Pre-selected tools for your planning needs
  • My Tax Tables: Your combined federal-provincial or territorial income tax tables for making tax-related decisions


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