Welcome to the world of investing and high finance! At first glance, it may seem an intimidating place. Spend some time getting to know this world.

This is where your money grows—money making more money, compounding time and time again for those who invest long and well. Be aware, though, as there are few quick and easy ways to make money here. Come prepared for a slow and steady journey. At times, you will cross hostile territory. Hidden traps, unknown inhabitants and stormy seas await you, first timers and seasoned travellers alike.

Success comes to those who:

  1. Create a plan to achieve the primary mission
  2. Map out a route, prepare for detours and have a plan B
  3. Build active and passive core skills; regular practice is required
  4. Analyze and evaluate the road ahead; all decisions are cumulative
  5. Face the consequences, both good and bad, and move on
  6. Know your limitations; travel on paths suited to your level of skill and comfort
  7. Ask questions, research options and employ a guide when skill is not enough

There is much to learn but the rewards are great. Use this section of the ProsperiGuide website, Investing, to:

  • Build knowledge
  • Develop skills
  • Create a plan suited to your skills and comfort
  • Avoid pitfalls
  • Find help
  • Change how you manage money

Grow Your Money

There’s a reason we invest. We want our money to make more money, to grow. But are you ready? Do you know where and how to begin?


Types of Investments

There are many ways to invest your money. Discover how each type of investment works, so you can pick the right one for the right purpose.


Build Your Portfolio

Build your portfolio for today and tomorrow. Increase your wealth while you’re working, with the end goal of enjoying your retirement.


Choose Your Funds

There is a popular adage that says “you likely spend more time choosing your next vacation than you do on…(fill in the blank).” This is particularly true when it comes to researching and choosing our investments.


Manage Your Portfolio

The world of investing and its inhabitants are changing. So, too, is your investment portfolio.


Who to Turn to

Advisors, institutions and government regulators. Discover who the players are and in which field they play.