Manage Your Portfolio

The world of investing and its inhabitants are constantly changing. So, too, is your investment portfolio. Individuals and individual investments change. Investments grow, fail, evolve or die out. To prosper in the world of investing, a little nurturing is in order.

In this section of the ProsperiGuide website, Manage Your Portfolio, we introduce the portfolio review process. This should take place on an annual basis or when you a have significant change in your life.

Your portfolio management to-do list includes the following:

  • Complete the Investment Management checklist
  • Review your asset mix:
    • Rebalancing in the short term
    • Reallocating as you approach retirement
  • Recognize tax triggers and build a tax-efficient portfolio
  • Plan ahead for your retirement years by developing a retirement income (investment drawdown) strategy for your portfolio
  • Take investment management strategies from the case studies